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FLGR is a Co-organizer of International Congress on Energy Efficiency /EE/ & Renewable Energy Sources /RES/ for South-East Europe, 14 - 16 April, 2010, Sofia.


The Forum with main organizer Via Expo, will present the European EE & RES knowledge and experience, and is an excellent platform for dialogue and business contacts. It uniquely combines scientific and industrial issues from all perspectives of EE & RES, providing the industry professionals with the latest technologies, strategies and best practices that lower costs and improve reliability.


The EE & RES Congress & Exhibition focus every year on one of the most advanced countries and regions with the purpose to establish a strategic partnership for know-how transfer. Due to the top figure of merits Germany is again the Strategic Partner of the initiative, while following its intensive activities and efforts in the field, Italy is the 2010 Country in Focus.


A special session is planned dedicated to the topic Energy Independence of the Municipalities (16 April), where European projects in experience in energy efficiency will be presented as follows:

- Covenant of Mayors

- The Greenest European town Vaksio (Norway)

- Applying Mix ff Solar And Bio Energy in Austrian Municipalities

- Energy Independent Town of Garching (Germany)

- Development of London as a Green Municipality

- Malmo, Sweden - 100% RES Heating - Good Practices ff Southeast European Municipalities



Sustainable Energy Europe

European Photovoltaic Industry Association

Bayern Innovativ


European Geothermal Energy Council

European Renewable Energies Federation

COGEN Europe

European Solar Thermal Industry Federation

Regional Cooperation Council

National Association of Municipalities, Bulgaria

Foundation for Local Government Reform


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