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Preventing Corruption
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On the 17 September 2007 at the Press Club of the Bulgarian News Agency, Sofia, Foundation for Local Government Reform will conduct a public discussion on the topic “New ideas and practical approaches in the field of anti-corruption”. The focus of the discussion will be the training manual “Restore the Health of Your Organization – a Practical Guide to Curing and Preventing Corruption in Local Governments and Communities”, by Fred Fisher, Ana Vasilache and Nicole Rata, issued in Bulgarian by FLGR. Representatives of the legislative and executive power, municipalities and their regional and professional associations, NGOs, experts, trainers and facilitators, working with local authorities, media are invited to take part in the forum. This Practical Guide describes a strategic approach to curing and preventing corruption and provides a set of tools for local leaders to use in the planning and implementation of their plan of action. We believe that the edition will help the local leaders to: - Identify and treat, with priority, the most damaging and dangerous forms of corruption - Change corrupt systems not (only) corrupt individuals - Elaborate short, medium and long term objectives for their anti-corruption strategy - Work with employees, as well as with the community members, in a participatory process, to collect and analyse data on corrupting practices, and identify curative actions
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