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2017 Information Summary
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>> Subscribers of the e-weekly FLGR bulletin (only in Bulgarian - increased from 17,230 at the end of 2016 to 17,740 at the end of 2017.

>> FLGR’s E-Weekly in 2017 had 49 issues and presented to its subscribers:
  • 755 funding opportunities and competitions;
  • 389 opportunities for training and internships.

>> Online FLGR database "Innovative Practices" in 2017 was enriched with 69 new practices and the total number of published since 1998 practices reached 1,624.

>>Online FLGR library in 2017 provided access to 69 new publications in electronic form in Bulgarian and English.

The subscribers of e-weekly wrote to us:

We congratulate you for the great e-weekly! We have been using it for for the information that provides.

Active Society Association, 2017


The Foundation's electronic newsletter, which we have been receiving for years, is very useful to us.

National Students Ecoparliament, 2017


Congratulations on the devoted work thanks to which the e-weekly is a reality!

Radost Nikolaeva, Art Director, Art Horizons, 2017


I read regularly and interest your electronic weekly and sincerely anticipate your dedicated work to make it so full and useful!

Yuliya Ivanova, ABLE | We Build Leaders, 2017


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