Foundation for Local Government Reform
2006/06: Complex administrative services in the e-Region Blagoevgrad

On July 3, 2006, Monday in the Center for services and information to citizens and business - Sandanski took place the official opening and demonstration of the opportunities, which concedes the largest project at the moment in the field of the electronic government in Bulgaria "Complex administrative services in the e- Region Blagoevgrad".

At the opening were present MPs from the region, Gean Gibson - director of the American agency for international development (USAID) mission, Maria Divizieva - deputy-minister of the state administration and the administrative reform, Ginka Kapitnova - executive director of the Foundation for local government reform (FLGR), Vladimir Dimitrov - regional governor of Blagoevgrad region, partners on the project.

The project introduced a mechanism for document exchange between administrations and institutions on the basis of the contemporary information technologies in interest of citizens and business, it built on the whole experience in the field of the electronic government in Bulgaria till the present moment and impressed with its dimensions:

1. partners on the project implementation are all the 14 municipalities in Blagoevgrad region, Regional administration Blagoevgrad and six regionally represented state institutions (Regional court jointly with the Information servicing; Regional direction for national building control; Regional inspection for prevention and control of the public health; Territorial direction of the National incomes agency; Regional inspection of environment and water; Police district direction);

2. the number of conceded complex administrative services is 17;

3. all the six decentralized units of state structures will concede 26 outer administrative services;

4. the document exchange will be realized on technologically new principle, which grants the document protection and their authenticity.

Other results, achieved by the project s implementation are: Unification of separate administrative services in the municipalities from the region; Speeding up the document exchange and the process of services accomplishment; Reduction of the postal expenses for the document exchange between the institutions (district, municipality, regional departments); Reducing the number of the contacts between citizens and separate administrations, and together with it reducing the possibilities for corruption practices.

Vassilka Sirachevska, program coordinator, FLGR, demonstrated the possibilities, given by the new infrastructure, at the opening.

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