Foundation for Local Government Reform
2005/12: Communication Club

On December 15, 2005, a Communication Club was opened in the small village of Gorna Koznitsa, Municipality of Bobovdol. That is a communication spot in the center of the village, where for a first time children will have the possibility to access computers and enjoy interesting ways to spend their spare time through computer games, electronic drawing, and creative computer activities. An innovative activity will be also available for the retired people from the village: various films will be projected on the computers in the club, so that they can have entertainment that enriches their social life. In addition to that computer literacy training course will be organized both for the children and for the interested citizens from the village.

Among the other kids who enjoyed the new computers in the Club were several children with special needs from the Institution for mentally disadvantaged children in the village of Gorna Koznica. Special computer training will be provided to a group of these children within the project.

The Communication club was has been initiated and established within the project "We are also a part of the world!" funded through the Improving the Social Environment III Programme of the Foundation for Local Government Reform and the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation.

Gorna Koznica is an isolated, though relatively close to the capital of Sofia village. 272 people live there: 75 children and around 150 retired people, above 65 years old.

The financial support of FLGR/Mott for carrying out the project is in the amount of 3999 Bg levs, the own contribution of the local community is 511 BG levs.

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