Foundation for Local Government Reform
Study tours

Study Tours

FLGR Training team has conducted many study tours on different topics

Study visits designed for Bulgarian municipal representatives abroad

- Regional Development (in Check and Portugal )

- Local Economic Development ( Poland and Irland)

- Improving Municipal Social Services to Citizens ( USA and Hungary )

- Local Government and service provision ( USA and Poland )

- EU Practicies ( Greece )

- Structural funds ( Portugal and Hungary )

Study visits designed for foreign specialists in Bulgaria

- One stop shop (for group of Serbia )

- On stop Shop (for group of Bosnia )

- Active citizens (for group of Albanian elected officials)

- Local Economic Development (for group of Armenian business representatives and city officials)

- Local Councils Strengthening Program me (for group of Armenian municipal councilors)

Study visits for Bulgarian municipal representatives in the country good Bulgarian practices

- Centers for Information and Services to Citizens

- Better social services provision

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