Foundation for Local Government Reform
2009/07: First DLC

In July and August 2009 FRMS will carry out the first Distance Learning Module for representatives of NGOs and municipalities. The topic is "12 good governance principles and their application at local level". The basis for the course is the Strategy for Innovation and Good Governance at local level.

The course consists of 7 lessons.

The first lesson is an introduction to the thematic area.

Each of the rest lessons considers 2 of the good governance principles and successful practices from Bulgaria, EU and USA in the specific area.

Every lesson ends with a test.

The students will have online access 24x7 to each of the lessons.

The course will end with a Final exam.

The students that passed successfully through the online course and the final exam will get a Certificate from FLGR.

This is the first Distance Learning Course that FLGR conducts using the possibilities of LOGIN and is a test one. The course is free of charge.

The interest to the DLM is very high - there are more than 105 applicants already from all over the country, willing to take part in the course even during their summer holidays. 

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