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2009/09: 85 certified, see the feedback

85 participants in the pilot Distance Learning Course "Good governance Principles at Local Level" (out of 105) managed in the hottest vacation time to successfully complete the course, which took place in the period July - September 2009 and were certified by FLGR.

The team of FLGR congratulates them!

Here are comments from some of the participants:

The themes were interesting and focused at the most important points and one read them with pleasure. In my case the only problem was the Internet connection - it failed twice, but in the little town of Tryavna these are the possibilities of online communication.
Boryana Gankova-Naletova, Chance and Support Association, city of Tryavna

I am happy that I could expand my knowledge with the help of the course FLGR organised!
Nedyalka Kyupryudzhieva, Headmaster, "Yordan Yovkov" School, city of Kardzhali

It was pleasant and useful opportunity to participate the course. I would gladly join other similar possibilities, organised by FLGR.
Ivanka Zheleva, Federation of Women, city of Razgrad

Thank you for the terrific course! It was prepared in a perfect way, the information was accessible and user friendly, so that every one could manage the tasks. I hope that in the future there will be similar courses - Internet is a powerful tool, that gives us possibilities and we should learn to use in the most effective way. The FLGR Distance learning course "Good governance Principles at Local Level" is the right example for this. Thank you for the new knowledge I acquired!
Dessislava Paterkova, Regional Youth Council "Initiative", city of Stara Zagora.

The training was really fruitful and effective. It really helped me very much in my work as a journalist. The chosen by FLGR form of training - the distance learning - is very adequate and convenient. I hope in the future FLGR will carry out more distance learning courses.
Georgi Shishmanov, Centre for Human Rights "Vassil Levski", city of Karlovo

I am really happy to have the possibility to qualify for successful completion of the course of FLGR. The distance learning form is exceptionally convenient for us - people from all over the country and in the remote cities and villages. The information was interesting and written in an understandable manner.
Atanaska Stoyanova, Community center "Prosveta", village of Luylyakovo

I thank the team of FLGR for the possibility to take part in the course! To me it was very beneficial and a real pleasure. I wish you many successes!
Mariyka Georgieva, Agency for Regional Economic Development, city of Sliven

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