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2013: FLGR conducted two Internet-based training courses

In 2013, the FLGR team conducted two Internet-based training courses as part of the program MERI:

-         Integration of Roma in Bulgaria in the field of education - the course joined149 participants, 102 of them successfully completed it and were certified.

-         Integration of Roma in housing - the course joined 57 participants, 39 of them completed it successfully and were certified.

Course participants were experts from the municipal and regional administrations, representatives of NGOs, schools, universities etc. across the country.

Here's what the participants in the courses wrote to us:

I am extremely grateful for giving me the opportunity to be involved in both courses you offered. For me they were very helpful. I learned new things, some not so easy to learn and quite difficult to implement. I hope that this will only be of help in Bansko Municipality to support Roma inclusion.

Maya Stoitseva, Chief Expert "Social Work" - Bansko Municipality

I would like to congratulate you on the free distance course "Integration of Roma in Bulgaria in the field of education." All lessons were extremely useful. The course made me reflect on many issues that affect minorities in Bulgaria and in particular - the integration of Roma in education.

Habibe Rasim, court clerk, District Court – Razgrad

I thought the topics will be "dry", but it turned out it was very up to date and synthesized. During the course I gained new knowledge that will benefit my work. I would take part in next courses your pleasure.

Sammy Nurel Talib, junior expert "International Projects and Programmes", Municipality Alfatar

I would like to express my satisfaction with the course. I believe that the material in the six lessons was very interesting. I am glad that I was part of it!

Svetla Stefanova, inspector "Housing and rentals", Municipality Etropole

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