Foundation for Local Government Reform
Annual Report 2006

Dear partners and readers,

Herewith the Foundation for Local Government Reform (FLGR) reports on the activities implemented within the period of January – December 2006. Established in 1995 by a group of mayors, the Foundation strengthens successfully its position and works as an independent professional resource centre, supporting local democracy.

FLGR is an organization with clearly defined goals and priorities. Its specific activities comply with the local government needs and the contemporary trends in the field of local government development. Our main strategic objectives are five: stimulating dialog and achieving consensus for effective policy and joint initiatives between various stakeholders and governmental levels; professional development and consultations for local governments, their civic and business partners; provision of needed and topical information to different customers through the use of appropriate technology; consultations for project design and management and assistance to local governments in establishing international partnerships. FLGR invests in its professional and organizational development.

Along with the traditional activities we entered 2007 with thorough knowledge of the Operational Programmes. After participation in the Working groups for developing most of the Operational Programmes, we helped the municipalities to build capacity for the effective implementation of the EU funds. We are also satisfied with the opportunity to apply our experience in the neighbouring Balkan countries.

Our actual work with 39 Bulgarian municipalities in the local economic development area results in providing new employment opportunities, as well as in implementing target policy of municipalities and business for reconstructing existing business zones and constructing new ones, for active marketing of investment opportunities, improving the living and the labour environment and developing the capacity of the labour force.

FLGR is one of the leading actors in the field of administrative service provision at local level through combining information and communication technologies with organizational change and introducing new skills in local administrations. Innovative initiatives were successfully implemented in the area of integrated administrative services and e-Government.

The major goal of our organization in 2007 is to address the needs of local governments and to offer them expertise in the following fields: administrative services and complex services to citizens and business; local economic development – creating business profiles of municipalities, initiatives for retaining business and attracting new investments; organizational development and improving the qualification of municipal experts; enhancing capacity for project design and management.

The most recent services that we offer to municipalities are: preparation for applying the LEADER approach within the National Rural Development Plan and for establishing Local Initiative Groups; facilitating the process between groups of small municipalities for preparation of integrated development plans in the context of the Regional Operational Programme; developing regional programmes for preserving the cultural heritage as a factor for regional development. FLGR assisted in establishing the National Rural Areas Network and is now acting as a temporary secretariat of the Network.

Ginka Kapitanova,

FLGR Executive Director

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