Foundation for Local Government Reform
Annual Report 2007
Dear partners and readers,
Herewith the Foundation for Local Government Reform (FLGR) reports on the activities implemented within the period of January - December 2007. Established in 1995 by a group of mayors, the Foundation strengthens successfully its position and works as an independent professional resource centre, supporting local democracy.
FLGR clearly defines its objectives and priorities. Its specific activities are in accordance with the local government needs and the contemporary trends in the field of local government development. Our main strategic fields of work are:
-          Stimulating dialogue and achieving consensus for effective policy and joint initiatives between various stakeholders and governmental levels;
-          Professional development and consultations for local governments, their civic and business partners;
-          Provision of needed and topical information to different customers through the use of appropriate technology;
-          Partnerships for local economic development;
-          Improvement of the administrative services provision;
-          Support for the implementation of projects of NGOs and municipalities - Community Forum Program;
-          FLGR invests in its professional and organizational development.
On the January 1st, 2007 Bulgaria became a member of the European Union. The NGO sector in the country had to overcome the challenge and to continue its work in the terms of withdrawing for-many-years donors and still unstructured and not functioning system for EU funding.
FLGR can be happy with the fact that comparatively smoothly passed through this period and managed to develop and carry out projects that are in the interests of Bulgarian municipalities and guarantee the financial independence and vitality of the organization.

Ginka Kapitanova,
Executive Director of FLGR
May 2008
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