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Improving the Social Environment Program 3

In January 2005, FLGR starts implementing the third phase of Improving the Social Environment Program, which will continue till August 2006. The program further builds on the current achievements of the second implementation phase in the period of 2002 2004. It supported NGO initiatives in partnership with local governments and stakeholders for improving social environment in 10 pilot municipalities.

The program goals are to improve communication models and to encourage the establishment of partnerships for improving social environment between citizens and local governments in Bulgaria; to create opportunities for local civil groups in order to assert their rights and solve problems through local resources; to enhance possibilities for local governments in order to solve social problems in cooperation with various marginal groups, operating on local level; to improve social environment through implementation of various projects in favor of local communities; to improve cooperation between local governments and citizens in the process of social service provision.

It is expected that the pilot municipalities will build consensus on the priorities of their social policy; acquire practical skills for implementing joint initiatives; and elaborate mechanisms for providing social services and joining project beneficiaries in community life.

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