Foundation for Local Government Reform
Training for Mayors of Mayoralties

Training for Mayors of Mayoralties

Target Group :

Mayors of mayoralties , deputy mayors , secretaries and officials at mayoralties

Training Objective :

Participants acquire knowledge related with legal framework of their rights and duties , discuss specific matters in the practice and share their experience in the process of finding solutions to concrete problematic issues . 

Training duration :
two days

Training Methodology :

Thesis ;

Discussions ;

Questions and answers ;

Solving practical cases

As a result of this course the participants will :

Acquire initial theoretical preparation referring to specific issues of Bulgarian legislature , related with their routine works ;

Receive answers to practical questions , related with the implementation of their rights and duties within the frameworks of specific acts or delegated by the mayor of municipality or by the municipal council ;

Get acquainted with basic rules in communicating media and different opportunities to involve citizens in decision - making processes referring to smallest territorial communities ;

Get materials including excerpts from the relevant legal acts and other relevant information that they would use as a guidebook in their daily routine work ;

Share experience and improve contacts among themselves .

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