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20 years of "Innovative Practices"
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Launched in September 1998, FLGR's Innovative Practices Project has been promoting, collecting and disseminating innovative practices for 20 years to stimulate ingenuity and exchange of experience in Bulgaria. The innovations are implemented by municipalities, NGOs, community centers, schools and other local socio-economic partners. The project has created a sustainable model for collecting and disseminating innovative practices implemented at local and regional level.

Since the end of 2001, FLGR awarded municipalities and organizations with an Award for Innovation in various thematic areas, and in the period 2002-2009 FLGR held the Annual Innovation Award for Innovative Municipality.

Currently, more than 1,650 good practices are included in the database and the database continues to be enriched.

Every week in the FLGR e-Weekly a practice is presented as an "Innovation of the Week".

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