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On the 31 March 2009 in Sofia a Round Table was carried out to discuss the monitoring of a three-year anticorruption government action plan. The monitoring was a joint project of the team of the Deputy Prime Minister of EU Funds Management Meglena Plugchieva and the NGOs: Transparency International Bulgaria, Foundation for Local Government Reform, Center for Economic Development, ACCESS-Sofia" Foundation and Center for the Study of Democracy.

The objective of the project was to evaluate the execution of the National anticorruption strategy in 2006 - 2008 years and to outline future steps.

For first time civic sector monitored the National Strategy. The NGO sector representatives concluded that as a whole the Strategy is fulfilled, but in the future it is more important the anticorruption measures to be filled with content and result oriented and not so important is their number that is theoretically big, but in practice there are many started but unfinished initiatives.

The NGO sector will become part of the monitoring procedure of the EU funds utilization, announced Deputy Prime Minister of EU Funds Management Meglena Plugchieva.
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