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The local integrity groups in Mezdra and in Panagyurishte are in the final steps of realization of the Dissemination and implementation of the curing and preventing corruption approach at Local Governments' level Project.

Panagyurishte Group proposed to the mayor and their proposal was accepted - to build an online data base integrated in the municipality's website with the:

- Information on European funds,
- Projects the municipality submitted,
- The funding won by municipality,
- The realization of the projects, funded by EU funds.

Mezdra Group elaborated an action plan on "Creation of a mediation unit on resolving arguments between citizens and municipal administration".
In the framework of the project financially will be supported:

- Survey among the citizens;
- Survey among the municipal employees;
- Preparation, printing of an information brochure on good governance principles and prevention of the corruption;
- A rubric in the local newspaper "Mezdra 21 st Century";
- A series of TV spots, interviews on the issues of good governance principles implementation and anti-corruption measures on the Local cable TV - Intersat;
- A rubric in the web-site of the municipality on the thematic issues.

The realization of the both ideas is being carried out with the financial support of the project.

The project is realized by FLGR in the framework of the Regional Program 2007-2008, managed by FPDL - Partners Foundation for Local Development, Romania, and financed by LGI - Local Government Initiative of the Open Society Institute.


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