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Compass - competencies supporting youth innovative entrepreneurship

The newly launched ERASMUS+ Project Compass addresses the challenge to support the capacity building of people working with youth in the field of innovative entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship and innovative non-profit activities development, through new business youth education model by innovation and exchange practices among 4 partners during 24 months.

Thematic area of the project: Innovations / Youth entrepreneurship / International cooperation

Contracting authority: Foundation for the Development of the Education System - National Agency of the Erasmus Program + in Poland, KA2 line - Cooperation for innovation and exchange of good practices, Strategic partnerships for youth

Project leader: Foundation for Support Local Democracy, Małopolska Institute of Local Government and Administration in Kraków, Poland

Project partners:
PEDAL Consulting s.r.o.- Slovakia
EDUcentrum, z.ú., Czech Republic
Foundation for Local Government Reform, Bulgaria

The project implemented in the period from 1/09/2019 to 31/08/2021 is aimed to:

>> supporting the capacity building of people working with youth and youth work in the field of entrepreneurship development;

>> supporting youth education in the field of entrepreneurship and promoting social entrepreneurship and non-profit activities among young people.

Target group: youth educators, coaches, trainers, youth leaders and key policy makers responsible of youth policy

Main project assumptions:

> Project use idea of Wind Rose tool to identified key aspects of youth innovation entrepreneurship activities

> Based on 4 Wind Rose directions project develop its main 4 learning subjects:

N -   Novelties and innovations in entrepreneurship, key competencies for modern economy,

S -   Self- assessment tools supporting youth personal development focused on innovative entrepreneurship,

E -    Experiences, best practices of youth innovative entrepreneurship activities,

W - Workshops contents, educative scenarios, curricula supporting youth innovative


> Result of the project- Intellectual Output- COMPASS Toolkit

> Main activities of the project:

o    3 Transnational Partners meeting- plans, evaluations, management

o    3 Learning, Teaching, training activities- international workshops, trainings

o    Multiplier Events- toolkit promotion events in each project partners countries


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