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FLGR published the list of approved projects under the second call under the NGO Fund within the EEA FM. 

In Priority area 1: Protection of the environment and promotion of sustainable development 8 projects were approved. 

In Priority area 2: Provision and development of social services, such as in health and childcare 13 projects were approved. 

In Priority area 3: Development of civil society and protection of human rights 12 projects were approved. 

The NGO Fund in Bulgaria is part of the implementation of the EEA Financial Mechanism. The goal of the NGO Fund in Bulgaria is to strengthen civil society in the country by supporting projects under the priority areas described below. The main objective of the EEA Financial Mechanism is to support economic and social development of Bulgaria as a member of the European Economic Area in line with the national priorities and the agreements with the EU. 

NGO Fund - Bulgaria is administered by FLGR and its partner Bulgarian Environmental Partnership Foundation.
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