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Forthcoming in September
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In September 2009 the closing events under the FLGR project "The Good Governance Principles: Bridging Citizens and Governments" are going to take place. They will be realised by FLGR, the leadership of the two partnering municipalities - Pazardzhik and District of Slatina, Sofia Town - and the 4 NGOs - grantees.

In the 2 municipalities will be held public discussions, presenting the process and results within each of the pilot municipalities.

In the 2 municipalities with the beginning of the new school year 15 September will be held 2 Open Door Days.

A publication describing the project models, methodology, results and best practices will be issued and disseminated.

On 25 September a Round Table will be held to present the project achievements and recommendations to the public authorities at local level and NGOs. 

The FLGR project The Good Governance Principles: Bridging Citizens and Governments" is realized in 2 pilot municipalities and is financially supported by GMF/ The Balkan Trust for Democracy/ Bulgaria Fund.

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