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Good Governance Principles: Bridging Citizens and Governments
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FLGR starts to implement a new one-year project entitled The Good Governance Principles: Bridging Citizens and Governments.

The project will be realized in 2 pilot municipalities and is financially supported by GMF/ The Balkan Trust for Democracy/ Bulgaria Fund.

The project envisages reaching the following objectives:

1.       To raise the awareness, introduce and make recognizable the good governance principles among local administrations, municipal leaderships, civil society and businesses nation-wide and especially in the 2 pilot municipalities.

2.       To develop and apply in practice effective mechanisms for organizing, mobilizing, activating and empowering local communities (including various socio-economic groups within them) to be participants and corrective in the application of the 8 good governance principles in the pilot municipalities.

3.       To revise and improve the performance of the local administrations and leaderships in terms of internal administrative procedures and rules based on recommendations from the citizens and local businesses and within the context of observing the good governance principles.


As a first step the team of FLGR elaborated detailed activities timetable and criteria for the partnering municipalities to be selected.

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