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In the first half of 2019 FLGR’s e-Weekly bulletin (only in Bulgarian) had 25 issues and presented to its subscribers:

>> 524 funding opportunities and competitions;

>> 207 training opportunities and internships.

FLGR enables the subscribers to publish for free announcements about their initiatives and many NGOs, municipalities, community centers, schools and others send for publishing and disseminating news on their undertakings.

Reviews on e-weekly:

As regular reader of your e-weekly, we congratulate you for the great work!
Association of Bulgarian Leaders and Entrepreneurs (ABLE), March 2019

We follow with interest the editions of the Electronic Weekly and thank you for being here!
Team of PodLezno Foundation, March 2019

Thank you for the receiving many years your newsletter and using the information!
Natalia Nikolova, April 2019

Thank you for your support  - for us you are one of the most valuable sources of information - both when we are looking for financing and development opportunities, and for promoting our initiatives in support of the civil sector.
Plamena Dimitrova, Communications Manager, Reach for Change Bulgaria, May 2019

Thanks to the information published in your e-Weekly, several projects from Bulgaria received funding from the GIVE EUR-HOPE Association, which supports small projects addressing poverty and social exclusion in the countries of the European Union.
Margarita Savova-Peyrebrune, June 2019
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