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In the period 13 - 17 July 2009 FLGR facilitated a study tour of a municipal delegation from Kaliningrad Oblast in Bulgaria.

The 12 members of the delegation visited the municipalities of Blagoevgrad, Gabrovo, Stara Zagora and Sliven.

The main goal of the visit was to explore good practices of Bulgarian municipalities in improving administrative services and building e-governance, namely:

    - The approach of each municipality to prepare and manage the staff, involved in the service delivery at the Municipal customers' centers.
    - Techniques for coordination between municipal personnel and departments in the process of introducing the service delivery, based on the principle of one-stop shop.
    - Tools for integrated approach in introducing e-governance and one-stop shop service delivery.

The study tour was organized under the "Development of the administrative capacity of Kaliningrad Oblast" project funded by EU. Members of the delegation represented Regional government of Kaliningrad Oblast and four municipalities.
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