Foundation for Local Government Reform
2006/11: "Municipalities and Business - Partners for Economic Development".
The Foundation for Local Government Reform invites the representatives of the Bulgarian local authorities and businesses to the first Annual Conference "Municipalities and Business - Partners for Economic Development". The conference will be held on November 29 - 30, 2006 in Hilton Hotel, Sofia.

The Municipalities and Business Conference has the ambition to become a yearly meeting of public and private sector representatives.

Topics this year are:
- Mobilizing participation of business sector in building local government policies for stimulating investments and improving business environment;
- Municipalities - administrative services provider in accordance with business requirements;
- Intermunicipal co-operation;
- EU guidelines for implementing successful public-private partnerships;
- Infrastructure, supporting investments;
- Labor force as factor of success.

Participants are ministers, deputy ministers, regional governors, mayors, deputy mayors, company directors, business organizations and associations, economic experts (around 200 people).

On November 27 - 28, 2006, as part of the conference agenda trainings for 100 people will be held.

The conference will provide various opportunities for networking with potential partners and customers.

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