Foundation for Local Government Reform
2010/06: Еcо b2b conference

FLGR is a co-organizer of the International Congress & Exhibition for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Sources covering the Region of South East Europe, 3-5 June 2010, Sofia, Bulgaria. Organizer of the event is Via Expo.

The international b2b forum will give the floor to exchange of innovative practices and development of successful public-private partnerships. The event focus country will be the Netherlands. There will be a Collective participation of Dutch companies realized with the partnership of the Economic Department to the Embassy of the Netherlands in Bulgaria, the Netherlands Water Partnership and the Netherlands Waste Management Partnership.

Presenters from Austria, Bulgaria, Belgium, Great Britain, Greece, Spain, Norway, the Netherlands and Finland will share their expert experience and good practices in the field of energy efficiency, management of water resources, waste management.

The Exhibition participants will have the opportunity to meet and network with business executives, investors, representatives of local and regional authorities, decision makers in the field of investment policy, project developers, academics, specialists in all industry branches.

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