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2010/11: 7th South-East European Congress and Exhibition on EE & RES, 13 – 15 April 2011, Sofia, Bulgaria

7th South-East European Congress and Exhibition on EE & RES, 1315 April 2011, Sofia, Bulgaria



Innovative technologies and practices, strong international participation, a lot of new business contacts, many parallel initiatives and discussions – this is what the 7th edition of the South-East EE & RES Congress and Exhibition will offer. 



The exhibitors will display their state-of the-art products, solutions and services in the renewable energy and energy efficiency sectors to key players and decision makers from the South-East Region.

 -  6 months prior to its opening 2/3 of the exhibition area is already booked for  group participations from Austria, Czech Republic, China, Finland, Slovenia, Spain and the USA.

 - There are interested to exhibit companies from Belgium, Germany, Italy, Poland, Turkey, Switzerland.

 - NEW SERVICE:  Upon request up to 5 matchmaking meetings for each exhibitor will be offered as a value-added opportunity at no additional cost. The meetings will be arranged by the Organizer Via Expo in special, pre-scheduled 30-minutes one-on-one appointments. 


Participants will learn about the latest trends, get acquainted with expert analysis and forecasts, make face-to-face contacts with representatives of institutions and public administration, managers, investors and industry professionals.


Congress Highlights:

Reducing the Barriers Holding Back the RES Installations Development, Green Power Marketing, EE & Renewable Financing - International & Local Incentive Programs, RES & EE Legal Session, RES Technologies, Benefits of renewables for the municipalities; SE European RES Associations and their Experience, Three Generation & Distributed Power Generation, Energy Efficiency in Home, Industry, Transport, etc., Passive Houses, Smart Grid Technologies, Electric Vehicles, Waste to Energy - How does it work? Barriers for Waste-to-Energy.  


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‘Save the Planet


Eco Forum for South-East Europe - Waste & Water Management, Recycling, Environment


13-15 April 2011, Sofia, Bulgaria


Environmental issues are highly prioritized in the worldwide agenda and are also a priority theme for the Balkan Region. The countries need improvements for waste management and recycling solutions. There has started liberalization in their utility services. Investments should be made in waste and wastewater treatment companies in order to upgrade and to build new facilities to reach EU standards. The introduction of private-public partnerships in wastewater, waste and recycling sectors open new opportunities for foreign companies and consultancies. The market in these branches is in need of expertise, technology products and equipment.


The specialized event in 2011 will ensure direct business contacts with experts and decision-makers from the whole South-East European market. It will be an efficient communication platform for the participants, providing an outstanding opportunity to present their company products and services.



6 months prior to its opening there are already booked areas for participations from Austria, China, Czech Republic, Finland, Slovenia, Turkey and the USA and inquires from Belgium, Germany, Poland, Switzerland, etc.


NEW: Upon request 5 Matchmaking Meetings for each exhibitor will be offered as a value-added opportunity. The Organizer Via Expo will arrange them with potential clients/partners in special, pre-scheduled one-on-one meetings at NO additional cost.


Visitors Profile: managers, marketing specialists and experts in the sectors of waste and water management, recycling, ecology, state administration, municipality

representatives, construction, engineering services, chemical industry, finance, associations etc.


CONFERENCE HIGHLIGHTS – Waste, Recycling, Water.





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Partner: FLGR

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