Foundation for Local Government Reform

FLGR is an independent professional resource centre, supporting local democracy.

Mission of the Foundation for Local Government Reform is to support local democracy and promote effective, partnership-based local development, based on democratic values, social inclusion and prosperity.

For 20 years of existence the Foundation has successfully implemented projects and programmes contributing to the democratization of local government in Bulgaria and enhancement of public awareness on local government issues.

FLGR has a 5-member Governing Body.

The main spheres of expertise of FLGR are:
  • Training
  • Participatory Local Governance
  • Good Governance and Integrity
  • Better Administrative Services
  • Innovative Practices

FLGR was part of the European network of local authorities for exchange of experiences LOGIN since its creation in 1999 until its closure at the end of 2011.

FLGR is a founding member of Donor Fund Bulgaria.

FLGR is part of the Mayors Making the Most of EU Funds for Roma Inclusion Network (MERI).

>> Online Library

FLGR each year enrihes its online library, some of the titles being downloaded 200 - 500 times.


>> Online database of innovative practices


16th year in a row FLGR consistently promotes, collects, publishes and widely disseminates innovative practices that foster ingenuity and exchange of experience among Bulgarian local governments and NGOs through its project "Innovative Practices in Bulgaria". Launched in September 1998, the project creates a sustainable model for the collection and dissemination of innovative practices in local government. Since the end of 2001 FLGR awarded local governments for being innovative in different thematic areas, in the period of 2002 – 2009 – with the annual award “Innovative Municipality”.

The total number of published good practices since 1998, reached 1342.


>> е-Weekly in 2014 had 49 volumes and presented:


  • 636 funding opportunities and competitions;
  • 370 training opportunities and internships.

>> The Centre for Training and Qualification within the Foundation for Local Government Reform was established in 2003 aiming at institutionalizing the training activities offered by FLGR.

In recent years the Centre  specializes on providing distance learning courses on topical for local communities issues.








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