Foundation for Local Government Reform
Support to Implementation of Projects of Regional Associations of Municipalities Program

In the period 2004 - 2006 the Foundation for Local Government Reform continues to support the implementation of projects of Bulgarian Regional Associations of Municipalities with the financial assistance of the United States Agency for International Development. The implementation of this program component is prompted by the need at local level to implement programs aimed at improving local government environment and performance of local initiatives, as well as at strengthening the capacity of municipal administrations. The grants provided to R egional Associations of Municipalities will enable local authorities to influence the legal environment they work in by active lobbing activities. Thus, an opportunity has be en created for these associations not only to provide services to their member municipalities, but also to improve the economic situation in the municipalities, to encourage and carry out local initiatives in order to ensure sustainable development of their regions.

This program component corresponds to and leads to achieving direct impact under Strategic Objective 2.3. Local Governance More Effective and Accountable.

FLGR has encouraged and supported efforts of Regional Associations of Municipalities to achieve self-sustainability by providing them with a gradually decreasing financial aid over the 2,5-year period.

Program objectives:

  • Improvement of the quality and expansion of service portfolio provided to member municipalities (technical assistance and training);
  • Enhancement of RAMs capacity for facilitation of inter-municipal joint initiatives for resolving specific issues;
  • Implementation of specific local initiatives aiming at ensuring sustainable development of the corresponding region;
  • Improvement of local authorities competences, particularly to discharge their responsibilities after the implementation of the Government s fiscal decentralization program;
  • Increasing the role of Municipal Councils as an effective local legislative authority
  • Increasing transparency in local governance

9 Regional Associations of Municipalities have been approved for funding under the program and are currently partners of FLGR in achieving program objectives:

Regional Association of Municipalities Trakia

Improving the Efficiency of Local Authorities from Trakia Region Project

Association of Bulgarian Black Sea Municipalities

Initiative for Sustainable and Effective Governing Capacity of Local Communities from the Bulgarian Black Sea Region Project

Association of Municipalities along the Danube River Dunav

Assistance for Strengthening the Municipalities from the Danube Region Project

Regional Association of Municipalities Maritza

Joint Efforts for Effective and Accountable Local Self-Government Project

Association of Rhodope Municipalities

Sustainable Local Self-Government in the Rhodope Region Project

Association of South West Municipalities

Effective and Transparent Local Self-Government Project

Regional Association of Municipalities Yantra

Sustainable Local Development Project

Regional Association of Municipalities Central Stara Planina 

Municipalities from Central Stara Planina Region on the Way to Europe Project

Association of Municipalities from South Central Region Hebar 

Sustainable Development of the Association of Municipalities from South Central Region Hebar and Expanding Capacity of Local Authorities

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