Foundation for Local Government Reform
Bulgarian Local Economic Development Partnership (BLEDP) 

Bulgarian Local Economic Development Partnership
(BLEDP) is an Association of professionals representing the leading middle size Bulgarian municipalities and is encouraging the private sector investment in the cities of Bulgaria. Recent BLEDP members are the municipalities of: Aksakovo,Vratza, Gorna Malina, Gorna Oryahovitza, Dobrich, Kneja, Lovetch, Mezdra, Montana, Pleven, Plovdiv, Rousse, Sevlievo, Silistra, Stara Zagora, Strazhiza, Teteven. Our members are committed to establishing a fair, open and business friendly environment to prospective investors.

Whether you are a starter or looking to expand your business it really makes no difference, because you will be able to rely on tailor-made support from our local economic development officers at regional level!

We are open to create new partnerships and will:
- Ensure quick and convenient access to available sites and buildings
- Provide you with accurate business data
- Help you find the right location in Bulgaria and gain the competitive edge
- Facilitate you meeting Bulgarian policy makers and pro-business local officials

is a joint initiative of the International City/County Management Association, Washington, DC (ICMA) and the Foundation for Local Government Reform (FLGR), Bulgaria. The formation of the Partnership was made possible through funding provided by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

For more information:
Maria Fileva, LED Specialist, mfileva[et]

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