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Bulgarian Municipalities - Competent Participants in the Utilisation of EU funds II Project


Brief project summary

The project aims at improving the absorption capacity of municipalities in the process of utilizing EU pre-accession and structural funds, by increasing professional skills and knowledge of municipal officials, replicating the experience of the already implemented project in 30 municipalities from the North-East Planning Region. Within the project framework long-term module training will be implemented, consultancy assistance will be provided for municipalities, and a series of Practicum Training will be conducted. Through project activities the usage of positive experience of Bulgarian municipalities implementing projects under pre-accession EU funds and programmes will be enhanced, and the potential of regional associations of municipalities, local organizations and associations, and NGOs will be improved in the process of providing expert support to their member municipalities. The main beneficiaries under the project are municipal and regional experts, representatives of regional associations of municipalities and NGOs. The project is funded by the Open Society Institute. The project will end in December 2004.


1. To increase knowledge of representatives of 30 municipalities and their social partners at local level in terms and utilization of various financial EU instruments.

2. Improve expert potential of municipal and regional administrations related to basic components of the project cycle like development, management, monitoring and control of municipal projects, funded by EU.

3. To enhance cooperation among municipalities, regional administrations and NGOs aiming at creating local and regional partnerships that would contribute to the development of inter-municipal projects of common interest.

4. To enhance the interest towards utilizing the positive experience of Bulgarian municipalities, which have already implemented projects under EU pre-accession funds.

5. To increase the potential of regional associations of municipalities, NGOs and associations at local level in providing support to municipalities in the process of utilizing EU funds.

6. To deepen knowledge of participants in the first implemented project through carrying out a series of practical exercises, and to upgrade their skills and knowledge (totally 85 representatives of municipalities, regional administrations and regional associations of municipalities from the North-East Planning Region).


Using the assistance of professional and experienced experts a long-term training programme will be developed. Within the frameworks of this programme 3 modules related to the results of the training needs assessment will be developed, and knowledge in the field of EU Financial Instruments (EU structural funds, EU basic policies, European integration), Pre-Accession EU Funds (PHARE and SAPARD Programmes, opportunities for the beneficiaries, measures supported under these programmes) and Project Development (practical training module, which includes work on each separate component of the project proposal: setting the objectives, tasks, justification, logical framework, budget) will be provided.

Each group of trainees will include 25 people representatives of local and regional administrations, regional associations of municipalities, local associations and organizations and NGOs.

Each training module will have duration of two days and a half, and will be carried out in out-of work environment in the regions of Kardjali, Pazardjik, Plovdiv and Sofia. Within the frameworks of the project three training target groups will be formed . The training cycle for each group will have the duration of 3 months, a module per month . As a result of the implemented project training and practical technical assistance will be provided to 160 people, representatives of local and regional administrations, NGOs and regional associations of municipalities from the four regions and the North-East Planning Region.

After the successful end of the long-term training, the participants from the new target groups will receive certificates issued by the Foundation for Local Government Reform, which will certify their knowledge and sills.

The first target group of trainees will encompass representatives of municipalities, regional administrations and NGOs from the region of Kardjali and Plovdiv:

MUNICIPALITIES: Ardino, Djebel, Krumovgrad, Chernoochene, Kirkovo, Momchilgrad, Perushtitza, Rakovski, Kuklen, Sadovo, Krichim. 


NGOs: Non-governmental organizations from Djebel, Momchilgrad, Assenovgrad, Kardjali, Kirkovo, Krumovgrad.

The second target group will include representatives of target groups from Pazardjik, Plovdiv and Sofia:

MUNICIPALITIES : Sopot, Hissarya, Panagyurishte, Strelcha, Anton, Bozhurishte, Godech, Zlatitza, Koprivshtica, Pirdop, Chelopech, Pravetz, Svoge.

The third group will include municipalities from the regions of Plovdiv, Pazardjik and Sofia: Belovo, Bracigovo, Peshtera, Batak, Septemvri, Samokov, Ihtiman, Kostenec, Elin Pelin and Gorna Malina.


Representatives of the regional associations of municipalities, local non-governmental organizations, associations and organizations, which will participate in the long-term training will increase their expert qualifications and after the project expirations they will be relied on to provide support and work in partnership with local authorities. The main idea is that after the end of the project implementation a stronger capacity will be established and improved among partners of local authorities in the process of project development and team working.

For contacts:
Marina Dimova,

Project Co-ordinator
Tel: ( +359 2) 976 89 31
e-mail: [email protected]

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