Foundation for Local Government Reform

Implementation of Life-Long Learning Management through different Educational Level Establishments

Grundtvig 1 project

October 2004 October 2006


The objective of the project is to develop a training course "Implementation of Life-Long Learning Management through different Educational Level Establishments" for managerial staff of educational establishments.

Target Group:

The target groups for the project are education managers from different education levels: secondary school managers, vocational school managers; universities, and other adult education institutions. Indirectly, the beneficiaries will be the trainees/students of the educational establishments, who will benefit from the increased quality of the tuition.

The main activities of the project are:

- compiling the core team of trainers; acknowledgement of the Grundtvig 2 MALLE project results;
- developing the approach and core of the training course as well as needed facilities and methodology for the assessment and validation/certification of knowledge acquired during the training course.
- testing the modules of the training course in different countries; evaluating the testing, followed by developing the final training course, methodological guide and supporting materials (incl. e-learning);
- delivery of the training course; disseminating information about the course.

The outputs of the project are:

- European team of trainers, with full competency and preparedness to provide the future regular training for education managers in implementation of life-long learning;
- Training modules for course program;
- A set of multilingual handouts prepared on program modules;
- E-learning facility for the support the exchange of knowledge between trainees, incl. virtual tasks, intriguing statements and best practice examples on life-long learning.
- A guide for training methodologies recommended to be used in the ILME training;
- The ILME course on implementation of Life-Long Learning Management.
- Analytical paper prepared summarizing the results from the testing and finalizing the training program;
- Printed and electronic promotional materials.
- ILME course organized in all participating countries with the support of Grundtvig Individual training grants.
- Guidelines on topic: how to implement the LLL principles in educational and training establishments; that will be disseminated using existing network of Socrates offices.


EBS Executive Training Centre , Tallinn, Estonia


IVLOS Institute of Education , the Netherlands

Schouten & Nelissen , the Netherlands

Centre for Management and Organisational Learning of Hull Business School, UK 

Foundation for Local Government Reform , Bulgaria

Education Laboratory GmbH , Germany

Institute of National Research Council of Italy , Italy

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