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Current status of the NGO Fund in Bulgaria
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Up to April 2010, 55 projects funded by the NGO Fund, administered by FLGR in partnership with BEPF, are implementing with approximately 1 209 156 euro disposable funds, while 8 projects are already completed (5 from priority area 3 and 3 from priority area 2).

The distribution of ongoing projects and transferred funds between priority areas goes as follow:

>> Priority area 1: Protection of the environment and promotion of sustainable development: 15 ongoing projects and 439 798 euro transferred funds to the funded organizations;

>> Priority area 2: Provision and development of social services, such as in health and childcare: 21 ongoing projects and 451 838 euro transferred funds;

>> Priority area 3: Development of civil society and protection of human rights: 19 ongoing projects and 317 520 euro transferred funds.

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