Foundation for Local Government Reform
13 Community Development Experts
visits: 2298
In September 2008 two cycles of trainings were carried out under the FLGR "NGOs - Reliable Partners For Development" Project, funded under Operational Program "Administrative Capacity".

The 5 modules of the trainings are entitled:

    1. Forms of citizen participation;
    2. Local development planning;
    3. Representation and advocacy;
    4. Public needs assessment;
    5. Project proposal development with involvement of the stakeholders and interested parties.

45 representatives of NGOs from Smolyan and Kardzhali regions participated the trainings. 13 of them were certified as Community Development Expert.

In October 2008 the trainings for NGOs from Haskovo and Stara Zagora regions will be held.

For more information:
Nikoleta Efremova, project coordinator
[email protected]
phone: +359 2 976 89 32


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