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Members of the Innovative Practices Team to FLGR described the tenth model for partnership between NGOs and local entitled "Young People and Their Role in the Society". The model aims to attract the attention and to boost the activity of the young people towards the forms of citizen participation in the decision making process at local level, based on the Revised European Charter on The Participation of Young People in Local and Regional Life. 

The Innovative Practices Team was established within the undergoing FLGR project "NGO - reliable partners for development", funded by Operational program Administrative Capacity and co-funded by the European Social Fund. 

A total number of 10 practices for cooperation between NGOs and local authorities were generated within the project, concerning the partnership between local governments and NGOs at local level in the field of:
- municipal budgeting process;
- tourism development;
- environment protection;
- control and assessment of the citizens' satisfaction by the municipal services; - public health;
- education of roma children;
- elaboration and/or update of the municipal development plans and other strategies or plans for local development;
- institutionalization of the citizen participation in the work of the municipal administration and municipal council;
- overcoming and prevention of social problems through the approach "social theatre" with participation of NGOs, institutions and local governments; and
- young people and their role in the society.

The models are published online at the FLGR website (only in Bulgarian) and are already used by NGOs and municipalities throughout Bulgaria.
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