Foundation for Local Government Reform
Training and Seminars

To provide professional development and consulting services to local authorities and their civic partners for better governance .

FLGR guiding principle is to provide synergy between different activities, projects and programs, to disseminate and encourage the replication of the accumulated knowledge and practice and build upon the achieved results, taking into consideration the changing environment and the specific needs of the target groups.

The reform in local self-government needs efficient municipal management and well-trained specialists. FLGR already has built up full capacity to assess training needs, develop curricula, update training handbooks and tools, select appropriate case studies, attract qualified trainers and generate realistic feedback for tailor-made seminars on topics in demand. Beneficiaries of the training activities of FLGR throughout the grant extension period are municipal mayors, council members, professionals, municipal specialists in different areas, government officials, NGOs and FLGR partners.

FLGR training characteristics : practical training, based on real needs and addressing key issues, designed and conducted by highly professional trainers and experts, based on interactive, participatory learning methodologies, client-oriented and demand-driven. Professional training materials with case studies and best practices complement the contents of the training. Furthermore, FLGR is proactive, promoting new management approaches and policies to increase local government capacity to provide cost effective services, increase the public awareness of ethnic and gender issues and meet the challenges of future decentralization and EU accession.

FLGR training components : training, consulting, education, promotion of know-how, research and studies, dissemination of information, facilitation and logistics

FLGR s center has the capacity to develop interactive training programs, addressing the needs of specific target groups and has a broad network of trainers and experts with tested professional skills and practical knowledge.

s Training Center OFFERS:
> design and delivery of training programs
> workshops and follow-up consultations on request
> conference organization
> study tours
> facilitation and moderation of meetings

Center has ready-made training modules on :

> human resource management

> public relations

> municipal property management

> spatial planning

> strategic planning

> local finance

> project development and management within the EU pre-accession funds

> organizational and management skills

> infrastructure management

> social services

> administrative customer service

> waste management

> public-private partnerships

> citizen participation

> organizational development

> municipal development plans

> responsibilities of mayor of mayoralties

> team work

> community development

> local economic development

> train of trainers

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