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Forthcoming: Seminar Are the Bulgarian Municipalities Ready for the European Union?
03.05.2005 13:04

On May 4, 2005 FLGR will hold a seminar Are the Bulgarian Municipalities Ready for the European Union? in Sofia within the framework of the Local Government Information Network (LOGIN) Program with the financial support of the Open Society Institute Budapest and USAID. This seminar follows the thematic Innovative Practices competition on the topic: European Integration Provision of Information and Implementation of Successful European Projects. With this competition FLGR and the municipalities mark the historical moment of signing the Treaty for the Accession of Bulgaria and Romania to the European Union. Municipalities and NGOs submitted fifty innovative practices to participate the competition and the winner will be awarded at the seminar.

The seminar program includes topics related to the readiness of the local and regional authorities for EU membership, as well as European practices of local governments and possibilities to take part in EU horizontal programs. Successfully implemented projects and practices of Bulgarian municipalities that have contributed to capacity building and promotion of the European idea at local level will be also presented at the seminar.

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