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2006 Innovative Municipality
23.08.2006 15:57

The Foundation for Local Government Reform continues to collect innovative practices within the Annual Innovative Municipality Competition, in which FLGR awards Bulgarian municipalities that applied and shared innovative practices in the field of local government.

For the fifth consecutive year FLGR will bestow the Innovative Municipality Award. Eligible for participation are those practices that have become part of the FLGR on-line data base in the period between October 2005 and October 2006.

Every year FLGR awards first, second and third place in the competition as municipalities receive special certificates and presents. This year the Award will be handed at the Annual Meeting of Local Governments in Bulgaria, organized by the National Association of Municipalities in Bulgaria, October 12 - 14, 2006, in Golden Sands Resort.

Criteria for innovative practices are:

1. Innovative approach - the practice should present new methods and improved procedures; it should build on existing practices not only at local but at national level as well (within Innovative Practices database); Innovative Practice is not: single act or already implemented and popular initiative in other municipalities;

2. Impact and sustainability of achieved results - what are the results of the implemented practice and does the achieved effect positively on citizens, administration, NGOs, local community?; is the innovative process a consequence of result-oriented efforts (a single event can not be identified as innovative practice)?; how is maintained the sustainability of the practice?; does the practice contributed to saving valuable resources as time, money etc.?;

3. Applicability - is the practice applicable in other Bulgarian municipalities without spending additional financial resources for expensive methods and technology?; is the practice well received by the local community?;

4. Partnership - is the initiative result of partnership and cooperation between municipality, NGO, business and citizens?; how is the partnership accomplished and does it contribute to positive change?

Innovative practices, submitted by municipalities and their civic and business partners, are accepted till September 25, 2006.

2007 Annual Input
03.01.2008, 16:59

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